We all need a mentor!
So do you!

MentorYou is a personalized coaching program for job seekers (mentees) professionally active (mentors) who put their expertise and knowledge of the labour market to the service of the professional integration of mentees.

Together for six months, they form a pair and have only one goal: winning the challenge of finding a job!

MentorYou, un accompagnement de mentorat gratuit et bénévole

By whom?

Mentors are enthusiastic, professionally active volunteers, with attentive listening, dialogue and creative abilities. Their role is to build an even relationship based on trust, and to offer a better comprehension of the professional world.


For whom?

This coaching program is available for any mentee domiciled in the Brussels area, looking for a professional activity, training, internship and/or professional reorientation.


Let’s work together!

The MentorYou program is committed to work with different socio-professional integration organizations, training centres, schools and institutions for social advancements to offer this mentorship program to a maximum number of young people seeking employment, training, internships and/ or professional reorientation. So why not you?

To be a partner means:
  • Working together for employment in Brussels
  • Going further in our respective projects
  • Sharing information, resources, experiences
  • Belonging to the network of partners

Information sessions every first Monday of the month from 1pm to 2pm at Pour la Solidarité ASBL, rue de Coenraets, 66, Saint-Gilles. Contact our team!


Any question about the MentorYou program?

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